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Lynn is a Philadelphia-based birth instructor, teaches Our Baby Classes, and is a CBWS babywearing consultant. She and her husband have 4 young children and live in East Torresdale, Philadelphia. Lynn is also a photographer and graphic designer. Lynn graduated with a BFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, in 2005. She then worked as a webmaster for a local nonprofit.

In 2012 Lynn unexpectedly decided to leave her full time job. Her second baby was only 3 months old, refused to take a bottle and would not eat at childcare. She had to decide what the new plan would be for herself and her family. Lynn decided to become certified as a teacher and mentor to new families in the Philadelphia area.  She also continues to work with a select photography and design clients.

Her classes cover staying healthy and low risk during pregnancy, being informed about birth, what to expect those first few months as a new family, and babywearing consultations and classes. Lynn’s classes began out of her home and now include locations in Fishtown and Bensalem, PA.

Lynn first began teaching Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes in 2015. She is unique because she has experienced a variety of births with a gynecologist and then midwives. Her first was a c-section, then a VBAC with an epidural, and then two unmedicated “natural” births. In her classes, Lynn draws on her own birth experiences and provide families with evidence based education about birth so they may choose the best options for them. The class is 12 weeks and covers nutrition, exercise, relaxation, massage, pregnancy, birth, birth plan options, variations, and postpartum care.

After becoming a Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Instructor, Lynn was invited to become part of the very first class of Our Baby Class teachers in 2015.

The OBC series of classes are unlike the typical birth and baby classes. They teach parents about soothing and bonding, realistic sleep and eating expectations, what happens to birth mom’s body postpartum, and how to work together with a coparent or other caregivers. This will help new parents start the first years as a family informed and confident. The most popular class is the “Better Baby Class”. It is taken during the last trimester of pregnancy and covers the final days of pregnancy and newborn care. The Better Baby Class is taught at Minnow Lane, 2029 Frankford Ave. In Fishtown. Some other OBC classes include “The 4th Trimester”, “Making Returning to Work, Work”, “Infant Sleep”, and more.

Lynn has been babywearing since her first was born in 2010. She became a certified babywearing educator in 2016 through the Center for BabyWearing Studies. She now offers babywearing basics classes at Minnow Lane and at the Bensalem Breastfeeding Resource Center. Lynn has also been working with Minnow Lane to bring babywearing support to the Fishtown community. They offer free fit checks on the first Sunday of the month.

When Lynn is not teaching she is probably wearing or nursing her baby, working on a home renovation project, drinking coffee, or taking pictures. You can contact her at lynlin.com or Instagram.com/lynn.linahan.



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